How to Plaster a Wall?

If you are curious about the procedures of plastering a wall, we will provide you some of the things you need to know and must take into consideration if you want to do this job on your own. 

Clean and prepare your surface 

Plasters will never simply stick to any kind of surface. Of course, you do not want it to begin falling away. So, make sure that your surface is prepared to be coated. So, guarantee to clean it first and eliminate bits of existing wallpaper, dust, and plaster.  

Inspect your surface and check whether the plaster sticks 

High suction porous backgrounds could pull the dampness from the plaster, which means that it quickly dries. To fix this, you might have to put some moisture on your wall before beginning to plaster it. The greatest way to do so is to utilize a fine mist spray gun. A backing coat or plasterboard could be skimmed over if not prepared. 


You have to mix plaster by putting plaster to the water. First, you need to add the right amount of plaster to create a heap on the top of the water. Then, mix it to make it lump-free. Then, add the plaster slowly to achieve the right consistency either using a mixer drill or a wooden stick. 

Applying the plaster 

As you plaster a room, apply plaster to walls alternately that don’t touch since you could damage one wall as you plaster the other one. Maintain the coolness and temperature of your room and make sure to turn off the radiators. Otherwise, the plaster would quickly dry out, which makes it challenging to apply and crack. 

Prevent it from getting in your eye and you should never directly stand below the trowel. 

At this point, you do not have to worry too much about trowel marks or smoothness, rather guarantee that it is applied flat and evenly. Guarantee that the first thin coat is pliable and wet as you put on the next coat.  

Clean your tools 

This tip might seem too obvious and based on common sense but it is important to have clean equipment, tools, and buckets to make sure that your plasters will not go off and to achieve a greater finish that actually lasts longer. 

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