How to Clean your Windows Properly

The usual regular window cleans-up schedule is done every six months. However, many homeowners and the rest of the majority dread to do the task. When you ask for window cleaning advice, you usually hear how the newspaper is the answer to make a window sparkly. However, professionals disagree with this solution most of the time.

When wiping a piece of paper such as a newspaper on the glass of your windows, you are simply transferring the dirt from one corner to the other. More than that, the action of rubbing a dry and coarse-textured paper can ignite static charges resulting in more attraction of dirt as well as dust. The task will tire you out, and you are left with the same result.

So how do pros clean their windows?

There are techniques that I will be sharing with you today. Those pros also follow. These techniques are very easy to follow, and your jaw will drop at how easy and effective it can be.

1. Use a strip applicator in washing

Do you have a picture window in your home? Perhaps you have tried every do-it-yourself process you saw online and have not made much progress in making it shine and sparkly. When washing your picture windows, you should use a strip applicator because it can take up many cleaning solutions or soapy water and will not contribute any possible damage like scratches on your window. If you are wondering what the best cleaning mixture is to get your windows clean and sparkly, you do not need to look far. Grab your dishwashing liquid and squirt a small amount into warm water. You must aim for lesser suds for better results.

2. Use a squeegee

Whether you have a big window or not, a squeegee helps in making your window sparkly clean. I’m pretty sure you will have lesser troubles when you own bigger windows since a squeegee can easily fit and get the job done. However, having smaller windows may encourage you to scratch your head out of concern. Don’t worry. You can always go for a DIY squeegee to keep your smaller windows clean. Get a sharp material so you can cut off the rubber on your squeegee. In doing so, you need to invest in cutting off the edges smooth to avoid scratches on the surface of your window. By doing this, you can have a squeegee that fits your small window frames.

3. Don’t forget to always go for the drips

Are you wondering why there are marks on your windows? Perhaps, because you have gotten so focused on cleaning that you forgot to notice the drips it made. In cleaning your windows, make sure that you do it slowly. Through this, you can easily spot any drippings as you go through the cleaning process. You will also get rid of the possibility of streaks being visible afterward. Make sure you observe this tip very carefully and put it into practice, or you will only tire yourself with no effective results to look forward to.

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